All Apink members except Jung Eun- ji leave IST Entertainment, but group will remain active

All members of K- pop girl group Apink piecemeal from Jung Eun- ji have left their longtime agency IST Entertainment.

On April 28, IST Entertainment released a statement publicizing that Apink members Park Cho- rong, Yoon Bo- mi, Kim Nam- joo and Oh Ha- youthful have left the agency. This marks the end of the four members ’ cooperation with the entertainment company, which began in 2011 upon the group’s debut.

Of the group’s five members, Jung Eun- ji was the only one to renew her contract with IST. still, the agency assured that Apink would be suitable to continue promoting as a five- member group.

“ Later long and careful conversations with the members of Apink upon the termination of their exclusive contract, Park Cho- rong, Yoon Bo- mi, Kim Nam- joo and Oh Ha- youthful have decided to end the 12- time long trip with the agency that lasted since their debut, to pursue individual and collective growth, ” the agency’s staement said, as restated by Korea JoongAng Daily.

“ Separate from the exclusive contracts, all members of Apink have a strong will to continue group conditioning and have strong affections towards the group. There will be no dispersion, and group conditioning will continue, ” IST verified.

It added that the four members have since inked with a new agency, Choi Creative Lab, which released a statement of its own, per SpoTV News ” As all members have a strong will and affection for Apink’s conditioning, we promised to continue platoon conditioning without disbanding the group. We’ll cooperate with IST Entertainment in relation to Apink’s future conditioning. ”

Before this month, Apink made a comeback with their tenthmini-album ‘ tone ’ and its supereminent single ‘D N D’. The release marked their first music as a five- member group following the departure of original member Son Na- eun a time ago. Son had left Apink shortly after the release of their tenth anniversary special reader ‘ HORN ’, which arrived in February 2022.