Music news MANE releases new single “ Flowers ” ahead of her sophomore EP

Having participated the stage with the likes of The crackbrains, Yungblud, Matt Corby, Ball Park Music and further, MANE( Paige Court) is known for her emotional live performances. She lately returned from two tenures across the US, including her alternate SXSW in Austin, TX, as well as appearances at New Colossus Festival.

It comes as no surprise also, that she’s set to release her Sophomore EP Caught In The Undertowthis coming September. Ahead of this EP release, she has released a single “ Flowers ”, a sonically commodious and slackened filled air, allowing her lyrics to shine.

“ I struggle with social anxiety, in general and also in the music assiduity, where I feel like I always have to prove myself in one way or another. ” MANE explains. “ The pressure can be implacable and jealous and it sucks.

Occasionally I ask myself, why am I then and why am I putting myself through all this redundant stress? I could be at home with my person, canine, family or my musketeers. ”

“ Flowers ” was written in December 2021, in a South Australian deepwater cabin, with good musketeers and long- time collaborators Benny Tamblyn- Morrow( TUSHAR) and Mario Späte( Meg Washington, Tkay Maizda, Elsy Wameyo). The track is an introspective trip that delves deep into the mortal experience, reverberating with listeners who have faced analogous battles with their own inner demons.