NewJeans are ‘ Super Shy ’ in their new music videotape

NewJeans have participated the music videotape for their new song ‘ Super Shy ’.

The clip opens with member Danielle cycling through the thoroughfares of a European megacity before meeting her fellow NewJeans members in the demesne. While there, they hear their debut single ‘ Attention ’ playing hard and realize a group of people are dancing along to the song.

The sextet join the hop and launch into ‘ Super Shy ’. The rest of the music videotape sees NewJeans taking public transport, perfoming the song along the road and further.

“ I ’m super shy, super shy/ But stay a nanosecond while I make you mine, make you mine I ’m all shaky cause you ’re on my mind all the time I wan na tell you but I ’m super shy, super shy, ” they sing on the chorus.

‘ Super Shy ’ is the alternate song from NewJeans ’ forthcoming sophomoremini-album to be released, following ‘ New Jeans ’. The design, due out on July 21, will also include the songs ‘ ETA ’, ’ Cool With You ’, ‘ Get Up ’ and ‘ ASAP ’.

The forthcoming release comes about seven months after NewJeans dropped their two- track single reader ‘ OMG ’ in January, which included that nominal lead single andpre-release single ‘ Ditto ’.

In a four- star review of that release, NME’s Rhian Daly wrote that ‘ OMG ’ is “ both a incurious shrugging off of the burden of nippy success and a steady step forward for a group putatively formerly on the path to being K- pop stars. ”

Before this May, NewJeans teamed up with Jon Batiste,J.I.D, Camilo and Cat Burns for Coke Studio’s ‘ Be Who You Are( Real Magic) ’. The group latterly dropped a remix of their Coke Zero promotional single ‘ Zero ’ featuringJ.I.D.