Taeyong of NCT’s debut design will feature a collaboration with Red Velvet’s Wendy

NCT member Taeyong is set to unite with Red Velvet’s Wendy on a new song for his debut solomini-album ‘ SHALALA ’.

Moment ( May 19), SM Entertainment blazoned through NCT’s sanctioned Twitter account that Taeyong’s debut solomini-album ‘ SHALALA ’ will feature a song with Red Velvet’s Wendy. The track is named ‘ Move Mood Mode ’, with further details set to be revealed soon.

Taeyong had preliminarily dropped a caravan videotape for this solo debut on NCT’s sanctioned YouTube channel, where he revealed the name of his forthcoming solo debutmini-album ‘ SHALALA ’. It’s due out on June 5 at 6 pm KST.

The clip features the NCT rapper and songster playing the keyboard and jotting lyrics as he grooves along to the music before revealing the name of the record. Details for ‘ SHALALA ’, similar as the tracklist, will be revealed in the coming weeks.

With ‘ SHALALA ’, Taeyong will be the first member of NCT to officially make his solo debut. While the rapper, along with several other members of the boyband have preliminarily released single music, this marks the first sanctioned individual release from a member of the group.

Previous to this, the NCT leader has been releasing solo songs through his Soundcloud account, as well as his marker SM Entertainment’s SM Station design. His rearmost single track was ‘ Fine ’, which he dropped on Soundcloud last November.

As part of the SM Station design, he also released the single ‘ Love Theory ’ with rapper Wonstein in April 2022, which the brace had produced together.

“ I actually reached out to Wonstein first saying how I wanted to make a song and we spent a good week or so just working on the pieces, banning effects, gathering our smarts together, ” Taeyong told NME in an interview following the release.

Before this month, fellow NCT 127 member Johnny revealed in a red carpet interview that thesub-group are in the midst of recording new music. “ I do n’t know how fast it’s going to come out, but we ’re working on it, ” said the hero.

He also took the time to promote the boyband’s rearmost subunit, NCT DOJAEJUNG, adding “ Right now DOJAEJUNG is out so if you guys support us, hopefully you guys are supporting them. ” The triad — comprising Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo — dropped their firstmini-album ‘ Perfume ’ last month.